Gaggia’s back with three automatic coffee machines

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Gaggia will unveil a new range of automatic coffee machines next week as the brand embarks on the first leg of its national roadshow which will see the Gaggia brand essentially relaunched after years of falling market share.

Australian distributor Shriro Australia will introduce three Italian-made Platinum series automatic machines, replacing the one model the brand had in its Titanium range.

Consisting of up to four models, the Platinum range will be launched to retailers in a series of trade events this month and is expected to hit stores by March.

Gaggia’s national trade launch will begin next Tuesday in South Australia and will visit other capital cities in the following weeks.

The Platinum range features a redesigned aesthetic look and new technology developments including a built-in ceramic burr grinder, optional milk island frother, adjustable height drip tray and touch-screen controls on the top model.

Shriro has confirmed the lineup will include the Platinum Vogue (RRP $1,499), the Platinum Swing Up (RRP $1,999) and the Platinum Vision (RRP $2,200) and may contain a fourth model.

Shriro Australia marketing manager, Edgi Vega, said the key message the company will be telling its retailers is, “Gaggia’s back”. Vega considers the coming roadshow as essentially a relaunch of the brand to the Australian market.

Gaggia’s market share in the fully-automatic category contracted from around nine per cent in 2004 to under three per cent last year. 

“That’s because our range was really poor, but to have lost market share on one model of automatic is not so bad considering our competitors have had three or more models each," Vega told

"But [the Platinum range] is what is going to bring us back into the game once again. It allows us to hit different price points and have a much better offering to the consumer.”

Shriro will also invest more in promoting Gaggia this year, starting with the Celebrate The Bean festival in Melbourne in March and moving on to television promotion with Channel 9 and Channel 7 during programming slots rather than advertising.

“We’d rather be in content than advertising,” said Vega, who has taken a similar approach with the Everdure barbecue range.

Following a restructure at Shriro last year, the distributor has now assembled a bigger sales representative team and will be actively promoting Gaggia in the channel.

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