Foxtel launches consumer educational website for HD TV

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Foxtel has launched a website to educate consumers about high definition ahead of the broadcaster’s move into HD programming early next year, when it will launch four HD channels over its pay TV network.

The website,, aims to demystify and explain HD terms and technologies for consumers by taking a fun and creative approach.

“Foxtel HD is coming in early 2008 and this new website will help consumers to understand its significance and impact on entertainment in the home,” said foxtel executive director of content, product development and delivery, Patrick Delany.

“We want Australians to learn more about how television is broadcast now and the amazing HD  TV broadcasts that will become standard.”

Consumers who visit the site will be able to watch a colourful animated series called the Pixels which has been made to present HD basics in a light and humorous series of short episodes.

More detailed information will also be available including tips about HD hardware such as flat panel televisions, a demonstration of SD versus HD image quality and instructions for connecting the right cables for an HD picture.

 “With the current huge choice in flat panel televisions, its important viewers purchase a unit that is HD compatible to enjoy watching their favourite programs today and into the future,” said Delany.

“Foxtel will present HD TV the way it should be, providing the most extensive service for viewers with a broad range of incredible content. We are excited about what’s to come and want to assist consumers in finding the correct information about entertainment technologies.”

The website will also offer a blog called The Full Picture giing updates on Foxtel HD developments.

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