Philips SoundBar cash-back offer starts tomorrow

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Philips will look to provoke interest in its Ambisound SoundBar HTS8100 home theatre speaker system this Christmas with a new promotion starting tomorrow, which will see consumers receive up to $200 back via redemption.

Retailing for RRP $1,299, the HTS8100 Philps Ambisound SoundBar is 5.1 surround sound system with integrated DVD player in a single horizontal bar, designed to integrate with flat panel televisions.

Consumer who buy an HTS8100 between 1 December 2007 and 31 January 2008 will be entitled to $100 cash back via redemption. Those who buy the speaker system in conjunction with a Philips flat panel TV 81cm or larger will be entitled to $200 cash back.

“Cash back redemption is very simple with consumers asked to show their redemption form (available in store) along with the purchase receipt at any Australia Post outlet displaying the Bank@Post sign. Cash back will be dispensed automatically as cash via the Australia Post outlet,” said Philips in a release today.
The Ambisound SoundBar features five amplifiers, similar to a 5.1 system, integrated into a single horizontal sound bar. It uses a host of technologies including array processing, precise driver positioning and psycho-acoustic innovation to simulate a true surround sound system without the hassle of running wires to rear speakers.

The system also features a three-band equaliser and DoubleBass deep bass performance to create a smooth cross over between sounds.

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