World’s first OLED TV hits Japanese retail shelves

By Matthew Henry

TOKYO: The next generation of flat panel television has arrived with the world’s first Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV going on sale in the Japan this week, an 11-inch panel from Sony Corporation.

Sony is determined to leap ahead of its rival TV manufacturers after being left behind in the move to flat panel TV, which the company rectified somewhat with the launch of its successful Bravia LCD line in 2005.

Using organic material to emit light, OLED represents one of a number of possible TV panel technologies lining up to replace LCD and plasma.

At a cost of around $AU2,086, the Sony XEL-1 may be a small TV for the price but delivers superior picture quality to existing flat panel TVs in a panel just three millimeters thick.

The XEL-1’s release was brought forward from the intended December 1 launch date to hit retail shelves in time for the Japanese Christmas buying period, but supply will be limited with the initial production capacity just 2,000 units per month.

Interest in the unit appears to be strong with the first batch selling out through internet pre-sales soon after becoming available on 14 November, according to Associated Press reports.

The Sony XEL-1 features 960 by 540 pixel resolution, 30,000 hours viewing life, 1080p input via HDMI, USB input and Ethernet connection.

Sony Australia did not wish to comment on today’s announcement and could  not provide information about pricing or availability.

The company demonstrated a prototype OLED TV similar to the XEL-1 to Australian retailers at its Sony Experience More trade show earlier this year.

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