Kambo’s to launch new retail chain with Retravision WA’s support

By Matthew Henry

OSBORNE PARK, WA: Retravision WA member, Peter Kambouris, has rebuffed offers to join competing buying groups and will instead undertake an expansion of the Kambo’s brand while remaining under the Retravision umbrella.

Retravision WA CEO, Paul Holt, wrote to suppliers late last week informing them that the Kambouris family is planning to introduce a superstore network consisting of three or four Kambo’s branded stores within the next three years.

While the Kambo’s stores will continue to operate within the Retravision group, drawing on central accounting, IT systems, finance, administration and buying support, the Kambouris family will take ownership of marketing and brand management for the new Kambo’s chain.

The deal will allow Peter Kambouris’ business to further spread its wings while remaining a Retravision member, rather than changing groups.

“While we have been vigorously pursued to join other groups in recent months we never had a doubt about where our future lies,” said Kambouris quoted in Retravision’s statement.

“We have been a successful part of the Retravision group for nearly 30 years and the last two years have seen enormous and very positive changes in our organistaion.

“Our board and management team have reformed our business model and the way we go to market and the results achieved speak volumes for the changes that have been made. My family has enormous confidence that continuing to work with this group will deliver mutual and significant benefits to shareholders in both business entities and to the suppliers and consumers that support us.”

The existing Malaga store will continue to operate as a Retravision branded store until the July 2008 when the Kambo’s Canning Vale store opens.

In his letter to suppliers, Holt praised the Malaga store but noted that it already has features not commonly found in other Retravision store, such as its size and scale, the Sony World section, Ticketmaster, Fuji Photolab and the soon-to-be-launched bridal registry.

“We are very excited at the prospect of creating another highly successful brand with the Kambouris family, which will complement our existing house of brands, enhance our ability to drive growth and improve our ability to compete with the increasing number of national brands moving into our markets,” said Holt.

“This initiative will enable our marketing teams to better focus, align and drive the highly successful Retravision brand within the western marketplace whilst supporting the creation of a supersized offer within a different brand identity to capture increased market share in coming years.”

Earlier this year, the flagship 3,200 square metre Kambo’s Retravision store in Malaga was recognised by suppliers as the Best Retail Store of the Year at the annual Electrical Retailing Awards (ERAs) – a considerable feat considering the store was only completed in 2006.

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