Panasonic launches air con with purification technology

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Panasonic has introduced what it claims is the first range of inverter air conditioners in Australia to incorporate an air purification system, launching seven models with e-ion technology to neutralise harmful bacteria and dust particles.

The new models provide constant air quality monitoring to detect dirt in the air using Panasonic’s e-ion Air Purification System and Patrol Sensor – even when the air conditioned is not operating.

“Panasonic’s new inverter air-conditioner range helps keep the home environment allergy and dirt free, as well as efficiently heating and cooling rooms,” said Panasonic Australia category marketing manager – home environments, Marc Amelung.

“Air quality is a significant concern for many Australian homes, with minute particles potentially putting our health at risk. Panasonic’s new range features improved air purification technology that provides excellent control of room temperature and air quality.”

According to data from Japan Food Laboratories, Panasonic’s technology can inactivate 100 per cent of viruses and 99.9 per cent of airborne bacteria. Panasonic says the range also helps remove mould more than 3.5 times faster than normal conditions.

Additionally, the Mega e-ion filter is bigger and finer than conventional air conditioning filters with an area up to seven times larger and an ultra-fine mesh for capturing smaller particles.

Panasonic’s new e-ion inverter range includes the CS/CU-E9GKR (RRP $1,099), CS/CU-E12GKR (RRP $1,319), CS/CU-E15GKR (RRP $1,484), CS/CU-E18GKR (RRP $1,814), CS/CU-E21GKR (RRP $1,979), CS/CU-E24GKR (RRP $2,199) and CS/CU-E28GKR (RRP $2,859).

The range features power-saving inverter technology, a Quiet button for near-silent 21dB operation on certain models and Powerful button for fast cool down.

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