Betta Electrical announces new store opening in Port Stephens

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: BSR Australia has announced a new Betta Electrical store on the north coast of New South Wales, in the Port Stephens region — this brings the group’s total number of locations to 145.

Godwins Betta Electrical, which has operated at Salamander Bay on the north coast of New South Wales at Port Stephens since 1990, has opened a second store to the west at Tanilba Bay.

BSR Australia general manager Ian Brown told today that the new store is another step in the continuing growth plans of the Betta Electrical brand name.

“BSR Group retailers and management are focused on the same goal of creating a stable and profitable consumer electronics group and our results so far reflect the success we are enjoying,” Brown said.

Brown said that store owners Robert Godwin and Debbie Sawyer’s decision to expand their operation to Tanilba Bay was a vote of confidence in the community and the Betta Electrical brand.

“Rob and Debbie have experienced great success at Salamander Bay and it’s wonderful to see them continue to grow their business,” he said.

“The population of the Tanilba Bay area is expected to grow from almost 6500 to 10,000 people in coming years as sea-changers take advantage of new land sub-divisions and Godwins Betta Electrical will be there to serve their needs.”

Brown said the new store was already making its mark at Tanilba Bay.

“The local population has already got behind their new local electrical store, with sales far exceeding expectations,” he said.

“The store is also leaving an impression on the wider community thanks to sponsorship deals with the local football team and bowling club, further examples of Betta Electrical stores supporting the people they serve.”

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