Philips prepares for strong showing at IFA 2007

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Philips will be reinforcing its presence as one of the top consumer electronics brands in Europe when the world’s largest consumer electronics show commences in Berlin later this month.

A contingency from Philips Electronics in Australia will be attending the event which commences on 31 August until 5 September, according to Philips senior executive – corporate communications and brand management.

“The IFA show is Philips Electronics largest global trade event of the year. This year the focus will be on the latest in TV picture enhancements with the launch of Philips’ new picture processing engine – Perfect Pixel HD and more importantly the next revolution in Ambilight technology,” Campbell said.

”Another important area at the IFA is demonstrating the new amBX range of PC gaming peripherals which provide gamers with the experience of being immersed in the game itself. Available in Australia later this year, the amBX peripheral products utilise light, colour, sound, vibration and even air flow during game play to simulate a more realistic experience.”

According to Campbell, Philips launches its new consumer technologies at the IFA Show, and as such key products shown generally make it to market globally within 12 months.

Philips will continue to showcase the importance of product design with the Active Crystals range of accessories jointly designed and produced with Swarovski Crystals. These innovative fashion accessories include in-ear headphones and crystal encrusted USB keys making fashion truly functional.

Among the Philips Australia contingent attending the event will be product marketing manager – CTV, Muir Keir and product marketing manager – home entertainment, Nathalie Pain. The Philips Australia product marketing team will be on hand to provide retailers with private tours and technology demonstrations by the product development teams giving them both an insight into Philips design, but also an opportunity to influence future products for the Australian market.

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