New Portable Air Conditioner Range Arrives From France

By Ian Neubauer

SYDNEY: Atlantic Australasia is gearing up to distribute a new range of portable air conditioner designed for operation in high humidity regions. They will retail at two price points — $899 and $1,399.

“Portable air conditioners are notoriously poor in both performance and warranty and are unable to deal with high humidity,” said Atlantic Australasia co-director, Stephen Stephenson.

“But our range atomises the water collected and turns it into a fine mist that is exhausted through an outlet pipe. This technology is exclusive to Atlantic.”

Designed in Israel and manufactured in France, the range will consist of two models: the PLM 15000 and the PLM 9000.
Atlantic Australasia decided to commit to the range after distributing two container loads of the product to appliance retailers in Melbourne last summer.

“In the beginning the retailers didn’t want to know us because portable units have had not met expectations in the past. Now we have a large number of retailers who’ve tested our units and are cancelling orders for other brands.”

The PLM 15000 retails for $1,399 including GST while the PLM 9000 retails for $899.

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