Westinghouse Launches New Compact Side by Side Fridge Freezer Range

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Electrolux Home Products will launch new additions to the Westinghouse Compact Side by Side Fridge Freezer range next month with features including water filtration and crushed ice, priced from RRP $2,059 to RRP $2,909.

The four new ice and water models feature a digital interface and energy efficiency functions including holiday mode and door alarms, along with a 4.5 star energy rating. Customers can choose from normal, eco or vacation modes to save on their energy bills.

The new models also offer filtered water, the option of cubed or crushed ice, and five electronic functions including temperature controls and rapid chills. To save space inside the refrigerator, the water filter, which removes impurities from tap water improving its taste and appearance, is located externally.

There is also a wine chill timer that reminds the owner when to take the wine out of the freezer and the fast freeze function allows them to quickly freeze large amounts of food.

Available in Stainless Steel and Classic White, at the same retail price as previous models, Westinghouse has added a new Pacific Silver finish to the range. The Pacific Silver finish will be used on both ice and water and standard side-by-side models.

“We instigated these improvements to ensure our customers would have access to a good quality brand, a product with beneficial offerings, and realistic prices”, explained Michael Tinkler, Refrigeration Category Director for Westinghouse.

“We have achieved this by improving our ice and water interface, both in function and form, introducing a new elegant finish for those who want a stainless look not cost, and maintaining our current retail prices.”

The Stainless Steel model has an RRP of $2,909, the Pacific Silver model is RRP $2,699, the Classic White is RRP $2,539 and the Pacific Silver standard model is RRP $2,059.

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