Sony Bravia range to triple in size to 30 TVs for 2008

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Sony Australia will expand its Bravia LCD TV line up from nine models to no less than 30 this year including the company’s first 70-inch model as the brand places even more focus on full HD 1080p LCD display products.

Following the success of the Bravia X series with full HD resolution, Sony’s expanded line up will now include three full HD ranges.

“Full high definition is not a niche, it’s not just for the uber-consumer or the gadget-guy that comes into store and asks the right questions – it’s here, it’s for everybody, and it’s going to be mass market and we believe 2007 is the tipping point,” said Sony Australia managing director, Carl Rose, to delegates at the opening of morning’s Sony Experience More trade show.

“The key point I want to make today is that selling full HD is the first step down the road to a complete suite of full HD solutions that, if we work together, will benefit us all."

Rose told retailers that high definition products, and full HD in particular, will be the engine for growth in the consumer electronics market this year.

“We predict that by the end of 2007, full HD products will dominate sales to 80 or even 90 per cent in some categories with Bravia leading the charge,” he said.

“Since we unveiled the Sony High Definition Benchmark last year, we’ve seen the market for HD products grow from 25 per cent to a staggering 67 per cent.  That’s two out of every three dollars spent on AV in your stores is on high definition products."

Coming soon, the 2008 Bravia range will incorporate new technologies including 100Hz scan and a proprietary technology called Motionflow.

Other features include a 24p frame rate developed in conjunction with Sony Pictures, which delivers smoother playback of Hollywood movies. will publish a full report on the new Bravia products ifrom the Sony Experience More show tomorrow.

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