TDK launches biggest hi-fi range to date

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: TDK will launch a new audio products range over the coming months including headphones, micro hi-fi systems and iPod audio systems as the company expands its audio hardware business.

As the market for recordable media slows, TDK is placing more emphasis on its audio hardware products and will offer its biggest range to date over the coming months with four CD and DVD micro systems.

The company’s star performer, the NX3 micro hi-fi, which according to TDK has been the number one selling micro hi-fi through Harvey Norman, will be replaced by the new NX07 (RRP $379).

“With the NX3, it literally means that it was launched in 2003 and to still be a strong seller and to have market demand for the product is just unheard of in this category,” said TDK general manager – sales and marketing, Denis O’Sullivan.

The NX7 uses NXT flat panel speaker technology like its predecessor but adds USB and SD memory card input for integration with flash media devices loaded with mp3 or wma music files.

The micro hi-fi range will also include the NX4 (RRP $249) – a similar design to the NX3/NX7 with NXT flat panel speakers and a vertical CD door; the NX5 (RRP $279) DVD micro featuring USB input and an alarm clock function; and the NX6 (RRP $349) – an innovative NXT system with tall and slim satellite speakers and main unit allowing it to be integrated into a bookshelf or stacked horizontally.

TDK has also unveiled a new headphone range with prices ranging from RRP $7.95 for basic earbud headphones designed to match the iPod to Bluetooth headphones priced at RRP $89.95.

“Headphones have been around a long time and in that time there really hasn’t been a lot of change in the design. But the iPod has created the situation where headphones are now a fashion statement with the kids wanting white and coloured headphones which match their iPod. There has been a huge upsurge in demand for headphones in the last few years,” said O’Sullivan.

TDK’s headphone range also includes new professional DJ-style headphones and noise cancelling models.

The company has also introduced two iPod audio systems – the iSlim (RRP $149.95) and the iCubic (RRP $99.95), both featuring FM radio and alarm clock function allowing users to wake up to their iPod music or the radio.

The complete TDK audio range will be rolled out between now and October through its usual retail partners.

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