Sony presents United front at Experience More

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia emphasised the Sony United concept today by reinforcing its commitment to high definition technology in conjunction with its sister companies – Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

With the assistance of Sony Computer Entertainment managing director, Michael Ephraim and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment managing director, Michele Garra, Rose further emphasized the Sony United concept by demonstrating the link between high definition hardware such as Bravia, movie content such as Blu-ray Disc and gaming with the PlayStation3.

“The upshot is that the market is ready for high definition and Sony can provide you [the retailer] with the solution that you need to maximise your sales,” said Sony Australia general manager, Carl Rose.

Rose also previewed a new Blu-ray television commercial that will air for 19 weeks from next month until Christmas across cinema, Pay TV, and free-to-air TV.

Other key categories for marketing investment include a new Bravia campaign as well as digital imaging, audio and Vaio laptops.

Rose also reminded retailers about the long term sporting sponsorships signed with the AFL and the FFA capturing “the soul of Australia through the nation’s most watched sport, the AFL, and the nation’s most participated sport – football.”

“The market is going to change and I ask you to take a close look at your one, three and five year plans and ask how the whole Sony group of companies can help you maximise your potential," he said.

“Clearly there are many different retailers in the room. The Sony group has various combinations of products to bring excitement to your stores and we look forward to having those discussions.

“Those retailers that have the capability and make the effort to sell Full HD 1080 will reap revenue and margin rewards.

“Remember, selling a Full HD TV is an important step but it’s only the first step down the road to a complete suite of Full HD solutions that, if we work together in exciting and explaining this to customers, will benefit us all.

“We’re united, we’ve got the products and we’re investing heavily in marketing."

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