Troy Hinchco leaves Think Appliances

By Matthew Henry

BRISBANE: Think Appliances national brand manager, Troy Hinchco, has resigned after five years with the appliance maker in Australia.

Hinchco was responsible for managing the Baumatic, Highland and Venini cooking appliances brands.

Although Think Appliances is based in Melbourne, Hinchco operated out of Brisbane and traveled frequently in the role.
According to Hinchco, he parted ways amicably with the company in order to pursue new opportunities.

“I resigned, it is more changes on my side that was the reason for leaving. I am looking at some new options that I can pursue,” Hinchco told

His employment officially ended last Friday 29 June.

Hinchco said he will take the opportunity for three to four weeks holiday before seeking to reenter the workforce, hopefully within the electrical appliances industry.

“I wouldn’t mind staying in the industry. I like some of the industry stalwarts – they are good value,” he said.

Before joining Think Appliances, Hinchco was based in New Zealand as an importer of high-end Italian bathroom products.

Think Appliances managing director, Phil Ross, was unavailable for comment.

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