Harris Technology now a Telstra dealer

By Staff Writer

SYDNEY: Harris Technology has been appointed a Telstra dealer and will offer its customers access to the Next G mobile 3G network in a move to sweeten its pitch to small and medium businesses.

The deal represents the retailer’s first major foray into the telecommunications market with the addition of Telstra mobile voice and data services, mobile business applications and internet services to its offering.

The new deal was forged in partnership with ICT Distribution, Telstra’s dealer for non-traditional IT products.

“With the convergence of IT and telecommunications, Harris Technology are perfectly poised to advise and provide small and medium business customers with all their ICT solutions,” said ICT managing director, Ben O’Leary.

Harris Technology is trying to position itself as the one-stop shop for consumers who want to stay connected wherever they are.

“Harris Technology responds to these needs by offering ‘the works’ including notebooks, PDAs, mobile printers, portable payment devices and software applications – all joined together by Telstra’s new Next GTM network,” said Harris Technology business manager – merchandising and supply chain, Brod Ivory.

“Entering the telecommunications arena, in conjunction with ICT distribution and Telstra, customers no longer need to purchase their communication products from multiple resellers.”

Telstra’s next generation of wireless broadband networks brings high-speed broadband to notebooks, PDAs and mobile phones across Australia.

Telstra claims coverage of 98 per cent of the Australian population, which is geographically 100 times greater than any other 3G network in Australia.a

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