Topfield distributor nominated for entrepreneur of the year

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Digital Products Group founder, Jai Kemp, was recently named a New South Wales regional finalist in the 2007 Entrepreneur Of The Year awards, joining 83 other finalists across Australia.

According to the company, by securing the exclusive Topfield distribution rights in Australia from the brand’s Korean parent company, Kemp – a former Telstra employee – has built the company into a $20 million business from scratch.

A press release issued by the company today said: “Jai can’t believe he managed to convince this multimillion dollar manufacturer that he, a poor 23 year old guy working out of a single garage in Liverpool with less than $500 to his name, could successfully distribute their products within Australia. Yet he did it, and in the first year of business Jai isn’t shy to admit that he made just enough money to feed the family and pay the bills with nothing left over.”

The awards will be judged in Sydney on 16 August where the names of those progressing to the national finals will be announced.

Digital Product Group recently launched the Beyonwiz brand in Australia through Harvey Norman with the DP-S1 dual tuner high-definition PVR the first product to hit the market.

The compact DP-S1 (RRP $1,599) has a built-in 200GB hard disk drive and features the ability to pause and rewind live TV as well as being able to record two high-definition channels simultaneously while playing back a pre-recording or network content in HD.

It also includes an integrated DVD player that up converts to high-definition plus a home Media Centre that streams video, music and photo’s either via the integrated ethernet or wireless LAN from your home computer network, external hard drives or even from the internet.

The front panel incorporates stylish touch panel controls and houses digital still or video camera connections (USB2.0, SD, MMC and CF Cards) so you can directly connect your camera to the DP-S1 and view an instant slide show, in the future you will even be able to share these photos with family and friends who own a Beyonwiz product instantly, anywhere in the world.

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