Dyson unveils new DC19 & DC20 barrel vacs

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Dyson has upgraded its market-leading barrel vacuum cleaner range following the launch of a new upright range earlier in the year with the introduction of four models including the DC20 Stowaway and the Flat Out floor tool.

After releasing the DC18 Slim (RRP $849) and the innovative DC16 handheld vacuum (RRP $299) earlier this year, the new upgrade will introduce Australian consumers to the DC19Y (RRP $599), DC19B-HEPA (RRP $699), DC20TBZ Stowaway (RRP $799) and the DC20TCP-TBN Stowaway (RRP $899).

“We’ve had an amazing 2007 already with two successful launches,” said Dyson SEA managing director, Ross Cameron.

“Our upgraded barrel range features changes which are as a direct result of consumer feedback and are significant in terms of making cleaning with a Dyson even easier.

“We’ve no doubt that this new range release will be embraced by retailers and consumers alike,” he said.

The DC19Y features the new Flat Out floor tool, designed by Dyson with a super-slim profile to fit into areas with low clearances, such as under sofas and beds, for quick cleaning with no heavy lifting required.

The DC19B-HEPA comes with a Dyson-designed air-driven Turbine head for carpets and features HEPA+ Bactisafe to kill any germs and bacteria on contact.

According to Dyson, the DC20 Stowaway has been designed with the space conscious consumer in mind. With a fully telescopic wand and hose that wraps neatly around its body, the Stowaway is intended to be easy to carry and simple to store.

“All new models have been designed around Dyson’s patented Radix Cyclone technology, so they don’t clog and lose suction. The cyclones use centrifugal force to separate dirt, dust and debris from the air, collecting them in the easy-to-empty bin,” said Cameron.

“Other vacuum cleaners rely on bags and filters to remove dirt and dust; as they are used, they clog with the fine dust which restricts the airflow and causes a loss of suction. This reduces the efficiency and cleaning performance of the machine.

“Because a Dyson don’t clog or lose suction, Dyson vacuum cleaners pick up more dirt around the home. And you can certainly breathe easier knowing the air expelled from a Dyson has 150 times less mould and bacteria than the air we breathe,” he said.

All models in the upgrade feature onboard storage tools for quick-access cleaning of crevices, upholstery and stairs, plus Dyson’s easy wash filter which never needs replacing.

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