Retravision legal structure to remain in place

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Following the sweeping changes announced yesterday, Retravision executives explained to why the retailer’s legal structure will remain in place.

“Retravision as a legal entity will remain and the functions it performs will remain, but the Sydney office will close and the administration functions performed by the Sydney office will be transferred to the Southern region office in Victoria,” said Retravision national CEO, Keith Perkin.

“So as announced, Retravision Pty Ltd will employ the two key national appointments of Ken Chamberlain as national merchandise manager and Driss Toukhsati as national chief information officer. Also, all current trading arrangements with Retravision Pty Ltd will continue.”

Bill Harries, national chairman of Retravision said, “Retravision Pty Ltd owns the Retravision brand and licenses it to the states and New Zealand. So that’s why we need to keep that entity in place with a board of directors.”

With Perkin to stay on board at Retravision until 31 December this year, he will remain focused on ensuring a smooth transition for the restructured Retravision, stating it was still too early to know what was next for his career.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Retravision,” Perkin told Current.

“I have been here for five years. Before that I was the CEO of the Dymocks Group of companies and prior to that I was in the oil industry. So I have a broad range of experience at senior management level and when the time comes I would be looking for a senior role where I can utilise my skills.”


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