Vornado blows into Australia

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Vornado, the USA’s leading manufacturer of air comfort products, has announced the brand will enter the Australian market, with two new products already released and two more on the way.

“Our goal is to become perceived as the premium home comfort brand of choice for Australian consumers,” Vornado Australia brand marketer, Daniel Fordyce told current.com.au.

Vornado has initially released two of its most popular models onto the Australian market, the 630A (RRP $139) and the VF20 (RRP $229), with both models featuring the exclusive Vortex Action, providing whole-room air circulation to invigorate the air and balance temperatures.

“Vornado products not only move air, but actually improve the quality of your indoor experience,” said Fordyce.

The Vornado 630A is designed to aerodynamically circulate all the air in the room, removing the need for an oscillating design.

“Vornado differs from other Australian fan brands in a number of ways, a Vornado Air Circulator does not oscillate – it doesn’t need to.

“It produces a tightly controlled beam of air that can travel up to 21 metres from its source, and by doing so is able to simultaneously move the entire volume of air in a room, allowing all the occupants to feel the benefit.

“Whilst being extremely quiet, Vornado Air Circulators also move very large volumes of air – up to 9.1 cubic metres per minute in fact.

“A Vornado Air Circulator will also move warm air just as effectively as cold air. It can therefore be used all year round to ‘blend’ air, or to move air between rooms or even up stairs,” said Fordyce.

In September this year, Vornado will also be releasing the 630L, which is the same as the 630A but will feature a linen white finish, as well as the 530A, which is a smaller version of the 630A.

All Vornado models carry a five-year replacement warranty and are currently available exclusively through David Jones, with plans to expand to Harvey Norman outlets as of September.

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