Nilfisk Dust Academy set to create swarms of Dust Nerds

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Nilfisk has today announced an innovative training program with the launch of the Nilfisk Dust Academy and ‘Dust Nerd’ program, both designed to equip retailers and sales representatives with the tools necessary to establish a consumer’s needs and close the sale.

In training Nilfisk sales representative and shop personnel, the Nilfisk Dust Academy will work to educate and inform students as to the importance of good suction, dust pick-up, good filtration and the benefits of low sound levels and quality/durability in a vacuum.

The program will also communicate the value of matching the right vacuum cleaner to each customer by ensuring staff are fully skilled and knowledgeable on the benefits and differences between each Nilfisk model.

Staff will be armed with a series of questions to ask customers when making a purchase, including ‘how large is your home?’, ‘do you have carpet or hard floors?’ and ‘do you have a pet or suffer from allergies?’ to ensure the right vacuum is recommended.

Staff are trained on an individual basis and on completion of the course become a ’Certified Dust Nerd’.

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