Samsung to launch $3 million LCD ad campaign this weekend

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Samsung will seek to bolster its strong position in the LCD market with its largest ever TV advertising campaign costing $3 million promoting its new flagship M8 series models, commencing this Sunday.

The lavish advertising blitz will be target a broad range of advertising channels including TV, print, online and outdoor with the focus being the M8 series’ full high definition display resolution (1920x1080p) capability.

“It is our largest LCD campaign to date. Last year we had a significant marketing investment and we certainly spent more over several campaigns, but with the M8 and the market moving to 1080p there is a real opportunity to take 1080p mainstream, and that is what we are aiming to do,” said Samsung marketing manager – AV, Michael Apte.

The campaign will also have an interactive element, with consumers prompted to actively engage with the ads to learn more about the M8 series as well as the benefits of HD technology.

Outdoor billboards will encourage consumers to text message the word ‘black’ to a number from their mobile phone to receive additional product information.

Samsung will also use the interactive services on Foxtel Digital, whereby consumers can press the red button on their remote control during the M8 series commercial to access product information via their TV.

Online banner ads will also direct internet users to the brand’s new HDTV education website,

"One of the most important things for this campaign is the interaction with consumers –  from any media they see the ad on they can request a brochure from us that we will mailto them. We want to educate them on 1080p and HD, and the idea is for us to get involved early on in their research process so when they get into store they are ready to buy,” said Apte.

"People’s lifestyles are changing and they are more active than in the past, so we are trying to interact with them where they gather – so in shopping malls, outdoors, online and even traditional media we are using will have an interactive element."

Retailers will be provided with point of sale materials that reinforce the messages, theme and images of the TVC and print ads.

The M8 series LCDs were launched late last month and feature 1080p full HD panels, integrated HD digital tuners, Super Clear Panel technology and the new Movie Plus mode which corrects motion for the different frame rate used by Hollywood movies.

Screen sizes available include 40-inch (RRP $4,399), 46-inch (RRP $5,499) and 52-inch (RRP $8,799).

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