Shriro no longer in hot water as Everdure is not for sale

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Shriro Australia general manager, Maver Sims, has confirmed that despite the company selling its hot water systems previously branded Everdure, the brand itself is not for sale and will continue to be identified with gas heating and barbecues.

According to Sims, the transaction resulted from an approach by Melbourne-based Wilson Industries which wanted to take over the tooling, spare parts and design of the hot water systems rather than the Everdure brand name.

“Hot water is not part of our core business. Since we purchased Everdure in 2001, we have focused on barbecues and gas heating,” Sims said.

“Hot water systems are replacement products that are primarily sold through hardware outlets. As Everdure originated in Western Australia, the distribution through electrical retailers was mainly through stores such as Kleenheat and Rick Hart Commercial as well as under contract to the Department of Housing,” Sims told

The sale agreement, which was effective from Friday 30 March, relates to two models of electric hot water systems – the Super X and the EL.

Wilson Industries will own the names, designs and stock for the two models.

“They are a company that specialise in hot water systems and will be developing and improving the product for the Australian market. They have not bought the rights to the use of the brand name Everdure,” Sims said.

According to Sims, Wilson Industries will be taking over the ongoing warranty for all Super X and EL18, irrespective of when and from whom the product was purchased.

In a letter to retailers, Sims said the Super X and EL 18 models will now be manufactured and marketed under the Wilson Hot Water brand.

“Their Perth agents, J Mac Agencies will, with Wilson, be in touch shortly to introduce Wilson to you. Payment for all Super X and EL18 products supplied to you pre 31 March, 2007 by Shriro Australia Pty Limited should be made to Shriro. Payments for product invoiced by Wilson Industries should be made to Wilson Industries. Effective immediately please direct all future orders for Super X, EL 18 and spare parts for those systems to Wilson Industries on free call 1800 030 20 50 or via email: or fax (03) 9720 2026.

“After sales service calls for the Super X and EL 18 should now be made to Wilson Industries, who will make arrangements with Independent Service Agents operating in WA.

“From 1 April 2007, all warranty claims dated on or after that date, irrespective of when and from whom the product was purchased, should be submitted to Wilson.”

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