Retravision CEO backs industry bid to streamline returned goods policies

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Retravision CEO, Keith Perkin, has urged retailers and suppliers to get behind appliance industry eCommerce Group, Applie-Com’s call to streamline the “problem” of differing returned goods policies.

"Returned goods is an industry-wide issue and it is logical that Applie-Com should tackle this problem,” said Perkin.

Applie-Com last month commissioned logistics expert, Logiworx, to review and consolidate the processes established between various suppliers and retailers for dealing with returned goods.

“Returning goods to suppliers is expensive and time-consuming for both retailers and their suppliers. We have asked Logiworx to quantify what this problem is costing the industry and to design a single system which can be universally adopted by all stakeholders.”

Applie-Com and Logiworx are holding a joint-workshop on April 20 in Homebush, Sydney, that will inform attendees about the outcomes of their research to date regarding differing returns policies. Retail and supply delegates are invited to attend and give feedback on the research.

“Logiworx wants to get the message out that on April 20 all key managers of supply and retail outlets are invited to attend,” said Applie-Com chairperson, Graham Day.

“The basis of the workshop is to report to them the findings of our research to date and inform them of what the outcomes and the objectives are, going forward, as well as our plans to deliver a total industry solution for returned goods.

“After that we’ll be ready to implement a solution on July 1.”

According to Retravision’s Perkin, returned goods policies as they stand are costing both retailers and suppliers more money and hassle than necessary.

“We know this is costing everyone a lot of money. I believe the numbers will speak for themselves,” he said, referring to the research results which will be revealed later this month.

“It is high time we did something together as an industry to drive unnecessary costs out of the overall supply chain.”

Applie-Com’s Day agrees that input from the industry is paramount to achieving a successful outcome.

“We’re keen to get everyone in as far as input is concerned,” he said.

“Every supplier has their own policy, their own rules and their own steps of doing things — if you are a retailer and you have returned goods and you have 72 suppliers, you could be implementing 72 different policies and filling out 72 different forms.

“This workshop and research aims to streamline the situation so all retailers can follow simple procedures. It will reduce mistakes and costs, and speed up credit which means better cash flow management.

“We know we can’t change the world so that everyone fits in to our proposed market, but we do believe that we will have an 80 per cent consolidated outcome.”

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