Samsung to host retailers tonight at AV roadshow

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: From 6:30 this evening at Luna Park Samsung will hold an audiovisual roadshow for up to 500 retailers and buyers to showcase their new product offerings for 2007, including televisions, MP3 players and Blu-ray Disc players.

The theme of the night will be “the marriage of art and technology,” and retailers from both major groups and independents will have the chance to interact with Samsung’s new line-up, which includes the new K3 MP3 player and some never-before-seen plasma screens which arrived in the country only yesterday.

“Our new line-up features beautiful designs. They’re very stylish and artful, which is why we’re focusing on the marriage of art and technology – it’s not just about the technology anymore,” said Samsung Electronics Australia general manager – corporate marketing, Kurt Jovais.

As part of tonight’s presentation, Jovais and Samsung’s newly-appointed managing director, Mr Koo-Yeon Choi, will review the company’s performance over the last 12 months and also brief retailers on its direction for 2007.

“The year 2006 was a great year for the industry and for Samsung,” said Jovais.

Samsung research revealed that at the beginning of 2006, 13 per cent of consumers surveyed had heard of Blu-ray, compared with 30 per cent now. The company also ascertained that during 2006 the high definition phenomenon “got more televisions into people’s houses than ever before,” with integrated HD screens outselling HDready screens four to one, and HD screens outselling standard definition versions two to one.

“Our survey at the beginning of 2006 revealed that there was confusion on the consumer side about high definition. This year our research has shown that there is an increase in understanding and a decrease in confusion about the standard,” said Jovais.

According to Jovais, this line-up is the best-looking Samsung has ever showcased.

“We pride ourselves on being strong technology leaders, but also focusing on design, making sure this great piece of technology also looks great in the living room,” said Jovais.

Tonight’s roadshow will educate retailers about Samsung’s support, advertising and marketing, and will be supported with state roadshows in the following months.

“It’s going to be a fun night,” said Jovais.

“Hell, we’re in Luna Park – if anyone gets bored they can go and ride a rollercoaster.”

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