Discipline the key to success of Large Format Stores

By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS: The stores over 1,000 square metres in the Retravision Western group have demonstrated that discipline and a policy of transparency has provided improved performance following the findings from the Large Format Store (LFS) Pilot program.

Among the disciplines introduced were bi-monthly performance review meetings, which included the management of the team and suppliers.

“It is very transparent and there is nowhere to hide if there is a non-performance issue," said Retravision Western marketing manager, Craig Larkin.

Larkin said there was also a Minimum Discipline Agreement was introduced as part of the program.

“The Minimum Discipline Agreement was signed by all stores in the program to drive the program effectively," he said.

“The management team developed the growth incentive rebate which was another key initiative requiring people in the network to reinvest back in the businesses creating a growth incentive for people and store owners/individual shopfronts have grown by as much as $250,000 through the state office for their incentive rebate."

“Standards disciplines and supplier alignment are the key to the long term success,” Larkin said.

“Our culture is not a good fit for that behaviour and it has been challenging. We are by no means there yet where we have created an environment, that has all the disciplines in place.”

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