Playstation 3 contributes to hike in Blu-ray disc sales

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Blu-ray received a “major boost” in disc sales from the Playstation 3 gaming console which plays media recorded in the format, which was released two weeks ago, according to Playstation public relations manager, Adrian Christie.

“Our research tells us that many of the people who have bought a Playstation 3 are interested in watching Blu-ray movies on the device and not just playing games,” he told this morning.

In the first three days of sales, Sony Computer Entertainment sold 20,000 Playstation 3s, which was above the company’s expectations.

“We were very pleased with the sales,” said Christie.

“Effectively, there are now over 20,000 consumers our there who have the means to play Blu-ray films. Twenty five million dollars in retail sales for a $1000 device in three days shouldn’t be seen lightly.”

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