LG admits to software glitch as flat panels freeze

By Sarah Falson

EASTERN CREEK: A software glitch has been blamed for certain LG televisions which were found to freeze when playing Channel Nine digital television shows in metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne over the weekend, prompting further investigation into the problem. 

According to LG marketing manager, Darren Goble, LG’s customer service line received various calls reporting the problem, which is believed to affect up to six models, both LCD and plasma, but not including the latest line of LG televisions sporting digital television tuners and hard disk-drives.

“It’s too early yet to say if a national recall will be put in place, because we’re unsure of what’s causing the problem,” said Goble, who also assured Current.com.au that users are not at risk of harm from the affected televisions.

LG and Channel 9 technicians have been monitoring and recording the broadcast streams and are in the process of analysing the data to establish the cause of the problem.

“The problem is either with the digital transmission or the coding with the digital transmission,” said Goble. If this is correct, consumers who own the affected models will need only a software upgrade instead of a new television.

“The freezing problem is happening intermittently at various times on various programs,” said Goble.

According to LG, until the cause of the problem is ascertained, retailers should refer to a press release sent to them from the company with details regarding an interim procedure to be followed.

“LG anticipates being able to advise on the cause of the glitch in the coming days. In the meantime, customers experiencing problems are advised to turn their TV off and unplug their TV at the wall power socket (leaving off for at least 2-3 minutes) allowing the unit to completely power down. Once the TV is powered back on and re-boots, normal viewing should be possible,” said the press release.

If customers have additional questions, retailers should contact LG’s customer service centre on 1800 643 156.

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