Loewe CRT televisions subject to recall

By Sarah Falson

RICHMOND, Vic: Distributor International Dynamics is recalling an undisclosed number of 100Hz Loewe-branded CRT televisions sold in Australia between March 1999 and October 2001 due to fears they may ignite.

During routine quality inspections it was determined that some of the German-made televisions were defective at certain soldered joints which could lead to overheating and, in worst case scenarios, fire.

The serial numbers have not yet been released, but according to marketing spokesperson, Michael Lewis, International Dynamics plans to do everything it can to help both retailers and customers over the course of the recall, and Loewe will go out of its way to ensure its products are safe and reliable.

“To give you an idea of the lengths Loewe will go to in relation to safety, the last voluntary inspection program they ran was on the basis of 20 reported instances from a possible 28,000 sets worldwide,” he told Current.com.au

“They want nothing to come between them and their claim to being Europe’s leading premium brand of TV.”

In an interim press release provided to Current.com.au, Loewe advises that customers contact their nearest service agent or Loewe dealer who will test the television free-of-charge, including freight if necessary. In the case of affected televisions, the faulty soldered connection will be re-soldered.

A document will be sent to Loewe dealers in due course, as the phone number and website to which retailers may need to direct their customers have yet to be finalised.

International Dynamics had initially set-up a hotline for its retail and consumer customers, but “the call volume is likely to be beyond the scope of the existing Loewe free call phone arrangements,” said Lewis.

Loewe advises users to cease using their Loewe television sets immediately and unplug them from the power. Loewe also asks that consumers who bought one of the potentially-affected televisions and have ceased using it or no longer own it also contact their dealer as “this will enable is to identify the whereabouts of every set affected.”

“They have certainly gone about [the recall] most professionally,” said Lewis.

“Just as you would expect of a Mercedes or BMW.”  

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