Nespresso opens boutique inside Myer Melbourne store

By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Nespresso has opened a 45-square-metre store-within-a-store inside Myer’s flagship Melbourne retail outlet, which could be the first of many.

According to Nespresso Australia general manager, Jerome Casteigt, the store has had a “very soft launch” since opening on Monday 19 March.

“We will officially launch the boutique at the end of April,” he told

“The idea is exactly the same as Sydney, but we decied that the best site was Myer Melbourne due to the traffic and visbility. We conducted an extensive search in Melbourne and we were not happy with many of the sites and when we investigated the possibility of the Myer store – it was an excellent solution.

“We have a bar which allows consumers to experience coffee in a suitable environment. It allows them to try new recipes which is a little different from Sydney, but it retains the Nespresso style look with wood veneer. The feedback from Myer staff as well as externally has been very good. The store has been open since last Monday and the traffic and sales are already above expectations,” Casteigt said.

“The store provides people with an opportunity to experience Nespresso in an environment where they get the right information. We hope to duplicate this and hopefully open others around the country as long as we can find suitable locations.”

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