Bi-Rite takes five BSR stores, with more to come

By James Wells

BRISBANE: The electrical retailing industry’s version of musical chairs is continuing with Narta member and franchisor – Abdul Sacur, announcing today that five stores will defect from BSR to join Bi-Rite Electrical with up to 10 more to join in the near future.

Sacur told this afternoon that the stores located on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane CBD in Queensland and in Northern New South Wales will all trade under the Bi-Rite Electrical brand.

The stores include businesses previously trading as Caloundra Betta Electrical, Maleny Chandlers, Sunshine Coast Washers and Fridges – Mooloolalba, Valley Betta Electrical and Murwillumbah Betta Electrical.

The businesses defecting to Bi-Rite traded over Christmas with the Betta Stores Retail (BSR) group, which now owns the Betta Electrical and Chandlers brands after the former owner Betta Stores Limited was placed into administration, receivership and eventually liquidation.

According to Sacur, more stores are likely to join his business in the coming weeks.

“There is a good possibility that we will have another eight to 10 stores in four weeks time,” he told

“The common factor here is that I am providing the service that these retailers want. I am providing them with additional suppliers that they are not joining at the moment.”

Sacur is offering retailers looking to leave the Retravision and BSR groups with a central buying office that takes advantage of Narta group purchasing, no ongoing fees and therefore additional profits.

“Our enquiries are coming from small to medium sized business that are looking for the advantages we offer. We do have a criteria that applicants must meet and those that apply will need to have a solid asset backing,” Sacur has said.

“There has been massive interest in our group from members of other buying groups who feel that we can put back profits in their trading by not having to pay costs incurred by belonging to the various buying groups as there are no ongoing fees.

"We offer them the opportunity to remain competitive. In many cases the stores that join our group just need small alterations to their business plan to be profitable.

Sacur started trading in Australia with his first store at Caboolture and began franchising in 1998 when the business had seven stores.

In late 2005, Bi-Rite Electrical had 20 stores which grew to over 30 by mid-October in 2006 and then to approximately 40 stores with the acquisition of seven stores in early November 2006.

Sacur remains confident of ultimately reaching his intended goal of 150 shopfronts.

“It is definitely possible to reach 150 stores – absolutely,” Sacur told this afternoon.

“I would like to send a message to every disillusioned retailer that they are free to talk to me and enquire as to how my system works. I am very happy to give them that information and they can call me on 0419 786 092 at any time.”

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