Homedics heat pads burn USA consumers

By Sarah Falson

MICHIGAN, USA: Homedics is recalling almost 300,000 digital heat pads in the USA after eight consumers received burns from the pads, which sparked and caught on fire due to a loose internal connection.

The heating pads were produced in 2001 and shipped to retailers in 2001 and 2002, including discount stores, chemists and department stores, according to a USA recall notice.

Six separate Homedics heat pads are effected by the recall, including both dry and combination moist/dry versions.

According to the recall notice, Homedics received eight reports of minor or first-degree burns associated with the use of the heat pads, along with approximately 50 reports of property damage, most of which were reports of damage to the heating pad itself.

Homedics Australia CEO, Paul Harrison, told Current.com.au that Homedics digital heat pads sold in the USA are not the same models available in Australia.

Homedics is currently contacting the USA retailers who sell the heating pads to communicate return instructions.

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