Bunnings best buddy for BSR Gladstone

By Sarah Falson

GLADSTONE, Qld: The new 1,250 square metre Chandlers superstore, which opened earlier this week within the Gladstone Centro Home Centre, is expected to receive a good flow of business particularly from shoppers visiting the shopping centre’s anchor tenant, Bunnings.

Acording to Betta Stores Retail (BSR) general manager, Ian Brown, Bunnings is the “best” anchor tenant for an appliance and electronics reseller to secure because of the sheer amounts of traffic it draws.

“Bunnings is a major draw card for most electrical outlets,” he told Current.com.au today.

“They’re the anchor tenant to have because they draw the customers to the centres. In some ways, they’re the competition, but their supercentres are popping up all around the place and at the moment, if you can secure a spot in a Bunnings centre, you’re set.”

The new Chandlers superstore, which is the first electrical superstore in the area, will be neighbours to a Harvey Norman outlet, along with a BFC (Boating, Fishing & Camping), a Clark Rubber and, of course, Bunnings.

According to a BIS Shrapnel study last month, ‘bulky goods’ superstores like Chandlers and Clark Rubber are increasingly setting up shop in sites secured by other retailers who sign on as an anchor tenant. According to the report, the newest trend, which was pioneered by manchester and haberdashery superstore, Spotlight, could lead to the end of the traditional ‘developer’ role.

According to a press release distributed today, the new Chandlers store is expected to continue BSR’s strong start to 2007, with “sales across the group in January comfortably ahead of budget".

“The Chandlers brand is a real Australian icon and it’s pleasing to see it going from strength to strength in a thriving centre such as Gladstone,” said Brown.

“Our customers tell us it’s a brand they can trust and we intend to give Chandlers all the backing and support we can.”

The store is 1250 square metres, and will be run by Graeme Hitchinson. The proprietor, Brett Jordison, also runs a Betta Electrical store in the same town.

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