Emjoi packaging wins design award

By Sarah Falson

CANBERRA: Sunbeam has received a design award, at the 8th Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Awards event, for its Emjoi packaging which has been re-designed to re-align the brand in the Australian market.

Sunbeam received the Design Effectiveness award for its efforts, after the small appliance vendor teamed with EKH Branding House to work on the packaging and product designs for the Emjoi epilators.

“The challenge was to inject the Sunbeam brand equity into the Emjoi brand and create a brand look that would attract the Australian consumer,” said Sunbeam marketing manager – personal care, Ann-Marie Weir.

The AGDA awards program recognises design excellence and helps to define Australia’s design culture and identity. Around 2300 entries were submitted for this year’s bi-annual awards.

Sunbeam and EKH Branding House created contemporary designs for Emjoi, and included some well-known ‘fashion cues’ on the boxes, such as photographs of smooth legs along with flower imagery. Different flowers were used for each epilator model according to its colour and “emotive appeal”, helping to improve range navigation and simplify purchase decisions.

“We are delighted with the success of the Emjoi brand and believe the creative helped carve out a niche position within the epilator market,” said Weir.

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