LG Shines on Chocolate’s parade

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: LG Electronics will launch its Shine handset in Australia before the end of the month, with 180,000 units reportedly already sold in Korea.

The handset will be an important addition to LG’s portfolio of ‘Black Label Series’ phones that kicked-off with the LG KG800 Chocolate in May last year.

“This phone will be a major focus for LG mobile this year. We’re already working towards a major launch here in Australia as an extension of ‘Chocolate’,” said a spokesperson for LG Electronics.

Photographs of the sleek Shine handset can be found on the web, with news that the unit follows similar design principles to the popular KG800, such as a sliding form-factor and touch-sensitive keypad.

The Shine available in Korea is 18mm thick, with a silver brushed aluminium outer, a 2-megapixel camera with flash, 1GB of on-board, expandable memory, and a 5.5cm colour QVGA screen that morphs into a mirror when not in use. 

 “We can now see that consumers are choosing handsets that reflect their personality, style and attitude rather than simply choosing a handset with the latest feature, as was the case only a few years ago,” said LG marketing manager – telecommunications, Carli Wilson, last year.

“The Chocolate phone was developed representing LG’s firm belief that technology is nothing without design.”

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