Haier and Sanyo to form refrigeration joint venture

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: The Australian subsidiary of Haier believes the company’s new joint venture with Sanyo to develop and sell refrigerators will benefit local retailers such as Harvey Norman and Retravision as well as Narta group members including Bing Lee.

According to a statement announcing the joint venture, Haier will own 60 per cent of the venture, with the refrigerators resulting from the partnership to be sold in Japan and Asia.

“It is always profoundly exciting when two major companies couple their knowledge and skill to produce high class goods in a marriage that will greatly benefit the consumer,” Haier Australia marketing manager, Tony Gersback told Current.com.au.

A Haier spokesperson informed Current.com.au that refrigerators from the joint venture are expected to hit the  Australian market  “in time”, with the factories based at Haier Group headquarters at Qingdao in China.

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