Sony says LCD v Plasma HD debate is over

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia believes the high definition flat panel war between LCD and plasma is over with GfK statistics demonstrating a strong lead for LCD in units and value in the third quarter of 2006.

According to the HD Benchmark survey compiled by GfK and Sony Australia, over 100,000 LCD units were sold in the third quarter of 2006 in Australia, compared with just 40,000 units of plasma.

Sony also claims that LCD is winning the high definition sales value battle over plasma with LCD representing 52 per cent of the total amount spent on HD hardware in this quarter.

“We’re at the tip of the iceberg for what high definition can deliver for Australian consumers, not to mention our retail partners,” said Sony Australia managing director, Carl Rose.

”As the groundswell of HD demand builds, there is a huge opportunity for 2007 to be the year where HD really hits its stride, and becomes common in Australian homes. The figures from this latest research show the trend is heading in the right direction, so the key will be to work together to make the most of this opportunity.”

“The LCD versus plasma debate is over. Consumers and retailers alike are showing their increased understanding of which technology is best for a future that’s in high definition. LCD eliminates the risk of a low resolution, less than impressive experience with a TV. In 2007 we expect to see LCD sales rise even further as this technology makes it way beyond the living room and into bedrooms and kitchens, with an HD outlet in every room of the house," Rose said. 

The Sony HD Benchmark survey tracks the purchase and adoption across six high definition product categories – LCD TVs, plasma TVs, set-top-boxes/digital video recorders (DVRs), games consoles, DVD hardware and camcorders.

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