TDK launches stocking-filler speakers

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: TDK is cashing in on the Christmas buzz with two snowy-white additions to its slimline Tremor speakers series.

The XA60 (RRP $99.95) and XA80 (RRP $169.95) are stereo speaker systems that consist of two flat-pane; satellite speakers which are connected to a ‘discreet, yet powerful’ subwoofer which is not part of the slim system. but can be stored out-of-site under a desk or table, according to TDK.

The system can be connected to an external CD player, DVD or MD player, as well as portable music players like the iPod, in addition to computers, TVs and games consoles.

The company’s XA40 Tremor Cubic System, which was launched earlier this year, has been a great success for the company, says TDK. The new models are based on the same futuristic-looking, white design principle, making them “sexy and sophisticated in appearance” but also “mighty on the ears”, according to the company.

In a release distributed to the press, TDK national marketing manager, Bree McKenzie, said: “Tremor is your ultimate multimedia Speaker System… a three-piece system consisting of a stylish-looking subwoofer and two satellite speakers each only 27mm in thickness.

“This slim design in white looks great in either the home or office environment, and perfectly complements ever-popular iPod devices.”

The decision to launch the speakers in white, in time for Christmas, reinforced TDK’s decision to become iPod-compatible, but also to best benefit from the pre-Christmas rush. The company is marketing the speakers as ‘stocking-fillers with substance’.

“They’re white because of the iPod trend: piano black and white are big at the moment. White suggests a clean lifestyle and makes it easier to blend into living rooms,” McKenzie said today.

“NXT SurfaceSound technology is quite extraordinary – slim, stylish flat panel speakers which offer audio superiority over conventional cone speakers.  NXT delivers a wider ‘sonic sweetspot’, hence the sound emitted from the Tremor Systems is room-filling, engendering a listening experience not dissimilar to 5.1 speaker systems for a fraction of the price,” said McKenzie.

The higher-priced XA80 system has three analogue inputs and comes complete with a wireless remote.

“You can have your laptop, TV and iPod connected at the same time, and shuffle between the three using the remote,” said McKenzie.

The slim speaker designs use NXT SurfaceSound technology, which reproduces a wide range of frequencies between 280Hz and 20Hz, says TDK. Almost 360 degrees of sound is possible with both models.

The XA60 is selling now through department stores and most electrical retailers, while the XA80 stock is just arriving at TDK’s warehouse, and will be available in time for Christmas, according to McKenzie.

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