Hagemeyer hands over JVC to external sales agent

By James Wells

AUCKLAND: Hagemeyer Brands Australia has announced it will transfer the sales responsibility for the JVC business to Smart Technologies in New Zealand on 1 December.

A statement from Hagemeyer Brands Australia chief executive officer, Michael Touma, explained the move which will see JVC Consumer Electronics join Smart Technologies that is currently distributing the JVC Car Audio product range.

“I’m pleased to announce that effective 1 December 2006, Smart Technologies, our current sales agent for JVC Car Audio, will assume day to day sales responsibility for all JVC Consumer Electronics product in New Zealand,” Touma said.

“Hagemeyer Brands Australia will continue to have overall responsibility and will directly provide after-sales service and operational support for all aspects of the JVC New Zealand business. Smart Technologies will act as your primary sales point of contact.

“As we fast approach the Christmas selling period, I wanted you to be in no doubt as to the commitment of both JVC and Hagemeyer to New Zealand retailers. Please be assured that this new structure will in no way impact product supply or your existing terms of trade.

“The finer details of the transition of the sales function of all JVC Consumer Electronic Product to our sales agent is now being finalised and will be outlined to you in more detail in the coming weeks by Carlos Prowse, General Manager JVC Division, Hagemeyer Brands Australia Pty Ltd.

Touma told Current.com.au that Hagemeyer Brands and JVC remain committed to the New Zealand market including its resellers and consumers who have supported the business and the brand until now.

“As outlined in the letter, the change mainly relates to moving to a sales agent model, extending our current Car Audio sales agent’s brief to include the full JVC Consumer Electronics product range.

“Australia will continue to provide operational support and our current JVC NZ product trainer will continue to support our NZ resellers.  JVC Professional will continue as per current arrangements.”

Touma stressed that Hagemeyer has had a 60-year relationship with JVC and that this move merely represents a change in business model.

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