Samsung makes noise with $1.4 million mp3 ad campaign

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Samsung has allocated $1.4 million to market its K5 mp3 player over Christmas with a national campaign that will begin this week in university and train station outdoor sites, bus and tram display panels, print ads and online banners.

The campaign will showcase the K5’s key selling point – its built-in 1.5-watt speaker set, which allows users to share their music with others.

Samsung will target the key mp3 buying demographic – 18-29 year olds – with the campaign, which the company claims represents one of the largest marketing spends for an mp3 player in Australia.

“Christmas this year will be a huge oppportunity for mp3,” said Samsung marketing manager – AV, Michael Apte.

“This plan represents a comprehensive mp3 campaign that provides wide and deep coverage on a unique product. With K5, Samsung has a strong product message and the marketing spend to back it up. K5 has received a great round of editorial and reviews.

“As we head into the mass maket stage of the campaign, we are also supporting the product with point of sale and dedicated displays in store.”

Samsung has signed the exclusive sponsorship rights for the Secret Shows series and has decked out a number of Smart Cars with K5-branded graphics.

The K5 is a flash mp3 player available in 2GB (RRP $309) and 4GB (RRP $389) capacities, and features FM radio, touch-sensitive keypad, alarm clock and picture viewing.

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