Harvey Norman speaking to Retravision stores that ‘add value’

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Harvey Norman chief operating officer, John Slack-Smith, has confirmed that he is looking to add members from Retravision NSW that add value to his organisation.

Harvey Norman is expected to confirm the appointment of at least five new stores from the Retravision NSW group under either the Harvey Norman or Joyce Mayne brands including Muswellbrook, Dubbo and Bennetts Green as well as the Newcastle store operated by former chairman, Paul Murphy.

Another former Retravision NSW chairman, Michael Doumani, today opened a Harvey Norman store in the premises where he previously operated his Retravision Cobar store.

Harvey Norman chief operating officer, John Slack-Smith, told Current.com.au that he has spoken to Doumani after his first day of sales, and he was very happy with the new franchisee.

In less than a week since leaving the Retravision NSW group and becoming a franchisee, Doumani sold his stock, fittings and fixtures to Harvey Norman, installed a new information technology system, re-fitted the store and also negotiated a lease over the premises to his new employer.

Slack-Smith told Current.com.au that he feels sorry for the Retravision NSW stores that have been left in limbo after its buying group was placed into administration and entered receivership.

“The fact that this situation has been going on for five to six weeks, I’m not surprised that there are still 50 odd stores out there that are undecided particularly with such a high level of confusion and uncertainty.

“We have been talking to a range of different people and some people have contacted us. We will be continuing to talk to people that offer value and we plan to do that for the next couple of weeks,” Slack-Smith said.

The comments made by Slack-Smith this afternoon, mirror those made by Narta managing director, Kay Spencer, earlier this month.

“There is a temptation to add members, but we will only add members that add value to the group,” Spencer said at the time.

Narta formally announced the defection of the Coffs Harbour Retravision store this morning which will be effective on Friday 1 December.

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