The Good Guys does good for local communities

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Twenty cents from every transaction at Good Guys stores across Australia will be given back to the community through a major 12-month community relations program with United Way.

According to The Good Guys, the program aims to support local companies “at a grass-roots level”, with funds raised through transactions, customer donations and employee involvement going directly to each Good Guys store’s chosen local community organisation, via the United Way network. This will be the first time an electrical retailer in Australia has developed such a program.

The program begins today and will run for 12 months. It will be widely advertised and in-store point-of-sale processes will be put in place, in every store, to ensure staff and customers are educated about their products and the program.

The expected combined community investment from transactions made under the program is $750,000; any donations from staff and customers will be extra.

United Way is a 120-year-old not-for-profit organisation with a global network of 4000 independent organisations in 46 countries. Recognised as the US’s number one charity, it raises over US$5 billion every year for local communities. In Australia, it is one of the top five community investors and distributes $5.4 million a year.

Bill Downing, CEO of United Way, said: "This is a fantastic partnership for United Way. The community relations program with The Good Guys is fully integrated throughout its business including sales, staff and customer engagement while having the support network internally to make it happen.

“It harnesses the collective power of the stores and their staff to make a real difference to those in need. It’s also unique as each individual store can choose an organisation that resonates with them and impacts their local communities, rather than having to support a nationally aligned community partner. The fact that the funds raised by stores and customers stay in their own community is very motivating, and really helps to get buy in to the program. We are really looking forward to working together."

Andrew Muir, chairman of The Good Guys, said: "Doing good in the each local community is close to my heart and the hearts of every Store Proprietor. We strive to capture the hearts and minds of our staff and customers by providing an engaging and active community involvement opportunity and we are really pleased to be able to partner with United Way."

The Good Guys, established in 1952, boasts a portfolio of 72 stores across The country and promotes a wide range of electrical appliance-brands at low prices.  

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