Retravision QLD to supply 20 Retravision NSW stores

A document issued to suppliers by Retravision Queensland yesterday afternoon has confirmed that 20 stores from the Retravision NSW Northern Group are now purchasing stock through Retravision Queensland in the crucial weeks before Christmas.

“Would you please open accounts for the following Retravision NSW stores which are to be billed to Retravision Qld Limited and delivered to the NSW stores as follows,” the document said.

The stores include Belmont Electrical, Webber’s Retravision, Emerton’s Taree and its branch store – Emerton’s Wingham, Gloucester Retravision, Foster/Tuncurry Retravision, Laurieton Retravision, Wauchope Retravision, Narrabri Retravision, Thom’s Retravision at Glen Innes and its branch store – Armidale Retravision, Inverell Retravision and Geoff O’Hara Electrical Discounts in Moree. The group also includes the four Soundy’s Retravision stores including those owned by Northern Group chairman Stephen Carter located at Tamworth, Barraba, Manilla and Quirindi.

Retravision NSW northern group chairman, Steve Carter, has confirmed that 20 of the 22 stores from his group have joined Retravision Queensland on a temporary basis to secure stock in the lead up to Christmas.

The only members of the northern group which have left are Garth Morrison from Retravision Coffs Harbour who will join the Narta group and Ian Parker from Port Macquarie who may join Harvey Norman.

“The Northern Group tends to stick together. There is a very good spirit and the Queensland option is something we have been considering for about four months. Being geographically closer to Queensland we have had a bit of a better relationship with them. This is a logical move for us.”

Carter admitted that stock supply over recent weeks has been difficult, but not impossible. He said that the current stock situation may become permanent if the migration deed of company arrangement is approved at the creditors meeting on Monday in Sydney.

“If the migration deed of company arrangement is accepted, there is a view that the temporary supply could move to full membership of the other states. The thing that would hold up the migration is the release of securities by Retravision New South Wales to the major creditor which could happen as quickly as within three months,” Carter said.

“Since the news came through yesterday, there have been a lot of smiles on faces and people are busy ordering,” he said.

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