Bi-Rite tells worried retailers – you now have a choice

By James Wells

BRISBANE: Narta member, Bi-Rite Electrical, has invited retailers looking for an alternative to their current buying group to consider joining its business which offers a choice of two trading names, access to pricing from major suppliers as well as central accounting.

According to Bi-Rite Electrical owner, Abdul Sacur, retailers who are looking for a smaller buying group can now join and trade as either Bi Rite or HomElectrix.

“They have a choice now that can offer, good service and good profit margin to their store," Sacur told

“This is still a central buying office. They have to buy through a head office – this is how we operate.

"Our enquires are coming from small to medium sized business that are looking for the advantages we offer. We do have a criteria that applicants must meet and those that apply will need to have a solid asset backing.

“There has been massive interest in our group from members of other buying groups who feel that we can put back profits in their trading by not having to pay costs incurred by belonging to the various buying groups as there are no ongoing fees.

"We offer them the opportunity to remain competitive “In many cases the stores that join our group just need small alterations to their business plan to be profitable.

“I have been in Australia since 1989 and we started with one store in Caboolture and now have 31 stores trading under Bi-Rite Electrical and HomElectrix.

“We started franchising in 1998 when we had seven stores at that stage. 12 months ago there were 20 stores, and now there is 31 and 9 more under negotiation”

For more info please phone Abdul on 0419786092 or 07-33419786 at Bi-Rite head office or else email to

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