Guy Houghton insists he has not resigned from BSL

By James Wells

BRISBANE: BSL CEO Guy Houghton is continuing to answer his direct line inside the School Street office of the retail group and has not resigned from his position despite rumours to the contrary circulating throughout the industry today.

“I have certainly not offered my resignation from BSL,” Houghton told this afternoon.

“I can only assume that any rumour has been circulated for malicious reasons rather than for constructive ones.”

With the ownership of the BSL business currently being decided between a retail consortium led by Everard Johnson and the Leading Edge group, Houghton has not committed himself to being involved in the group in the future.

“I have reserved my comments as to whether I will participate in any future ventures that may be put forward. If the retailers want me to be involved and there is merit, I will be there,” he said.

Houghton believes he is within his rights to assist the retail consortium with its bid for the BSL retail brands and franchising business as he is still working for the company.

“All I am doing is supporting the retailers on the basis that I am still employed by this company, albeit in a diminished capacity.”

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