JVC announces full HD Everio camcorder

By James Wells in Berlin

BERLIN: JVC has announced it will introduce a full high definition version of its Everio hard-disk camcorder, which was voted as the best new product by Australian retailers for 2005.

The camera, which was on display in the restricted dealer-only area of the brand’s stand at the IFA 2006 show in Berlin this week, is equipped with 3CCD imaging as well as manual focus control.

Slightly larger in size than the currently available Everio, the full high definition version is expected to feature a larger hard-disk than the presently available 30GB.

The 3CCD system and a 30GB hard disk drive were recently incorporated into JVC’s latest G Series Everio model (RRP $1,199), which was launched in July this year.

With a 30GB hard drive, the MG505 will record over 10 hours of standard definition, DVD camcorder quality footage, but JVC has not commented on the amount of HD footage capable of being stored on the built-in HDD of the new high definition Everio.

With its HD Everio model, JVC will join Sony and Canon in offering a compact high definition camcorder for the consumer market to target consumers with high definition TVs in their homes.

Both Sony and Canon expect growth in the segment this year, driven by the rapid uptake of LCD and high resolution plasma TVs capable of high definition pictures.

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