Pioneer sues Samsung in plasma patent dispute

By Matthew Henry

TOKYO: Pioneer Electronics is suing Samsung in the United States over alleged patent infringements relating to plasma TV technology.

Pioneer alleges Samsung’s flat panel display manufacturing company, Samsung SDI, has infringed on two patents held in the US relating to fundamental physical structures of its plasma panel technology, including one which increases brightness and the surface discharge panel structure.

According to a statement released by Pioneer to, the two companies were until recently in discussions over sharing patented technologies, which apparently broke down.

“Pioneer has been negotiating in good faith with SDI for a license to Pioneer’s PDP patent portfolio since April of 2005,” said the statement.

“Pioneer, however determined that litigation was necessary in order to protect the value of its intellectual property in the PDP product field.”

Pioneer, who hold hundreds of patents on PDP technology, is seeking a court order prohibiting further sales of Samsung plasmas implicated in the litigation, as well as compensation for past infringements.

The law suit has been filed with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, USA.

“Since Pioneer is a leading innovator in PDP technology and has developed a portfolio of fundamental patents in the field, we think there is a good chance of winning in the litigation,” said Pioneer in a statement.

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