Canon’s new digital cameras deliver face detection technology

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Canon has launched three new Ixus digital still cameras with face detection technology which the company says will enhance the performance of its autofocus and autoexposure systems in photographing people.

The new compact models available this month – the Ixus 900 Ti (RRP $799), Ixus 850IS (RRP $749) and Ixus i7zoom (RRP $449) – come in four colours and feature Canon’s new face detection technology which recognises faces in the photo frame and adjusts exposure and focus to ensure the camera settings are optimised for best image quality
before the shutter button is depressed.

“Face detection is the defining feature of the Digic III,” said Canon Australia consumer imaging products group product manager, Chris Kearney.

“Face detection is a revolutionary focus and exposure technology that can detect up to nine faces in a frame, while automatically optimising the focus and metering the exposure for the desired shot. Digic III will deliver pixel perfect people every time.”

Technology which detects faces in a photo frame is being developed by a number of players.

Earlier this year Kodak unveiled a face recognition technology integrated at the software level which helps users sort and organise their image libraries by scanning and recognising individuals’ faces, allowing the user to automatically sort images based on who appears in the photograph.

Kodak’s face recognition technology will be built into its image library software, and is also being applied in a new photo album service which enables Kodak to scan old photo prints and automatically collate photo albums featuring selected people.

Combined with scanning technology which recognises the age of the photo print and other markers which indicate the era in which the photo was taken, such as colour and print shape and size.

Kodak has also developed face smoothing technology, which digitally eliminates blemishes from a subject’s face such as pimples.

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