Pioneer announces latest display and audio products

By Adam Coleman in Tokyo

TOKYO: At its head office in Tokyo, Pioneer showcased its latest technologies to Australian media, including the latest seventh generation HD-ready XGA plasma line-up, the company’s new Xbox home theatre system and the new Music Tap multi-room audio system.

Included in the new seventh generation range is a 42-inch model (PDP 427xda) and 50-inch (PDP 507xda) due to be launched in Australia in October. The new panels feature crystal emissive layer, improved phosphors and a direct colour filter to express real black and pure colour.

Pioneer has partnered with Microsoft in developing a 5.1 channel surround sound system for Xbox360. The HTP-GS1 is an official licensed Xbox product, which is set to be launched in Australia in September.

“We chose Xbox as a partner because they are focused on not only high definition gaming but also high quality sound. If it is just the visual quality it is not complete,” said Pioneer – product strategy and planning, home theatre system, Chika Yamada.

The unit features a comprehensive universal remote control and a MediaCenter button, which allows users to easily access their media centre PC entertainment from anywhere in their home. Designed to match the style of the Xbox360, it also features Sound Retriever technology to improve the quality of compressed music.

Pioneer will reinforced its commitment to home audio with the introduction of a new multi-room audio system called Music Tap, which incorporates PLC (power line communication) technology. The unit features one central adaptor that plays songs from a USB drive seamlessly from room to room up to a maximum of six speakers. Music Tap will be made available to Australian market in November.

Any music source in the home can be simply connected to the system including a PC, or an ipod via a cradle (although this was not confirmed for Australia). An interesting feature of the unit is a motion sensor on the speakers that can play a users music as they walks past and will switch off after one minute.

Pioneer will also plan to extend its DVD and DVR line-up, with three new DVD players featuring HDMI planned along with two new DVD recorders.


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