Survey shows digital growth potential in Australian homes

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: A survey released today has highlighted many areas within the home, such as home connectivity, gaming and DVD recorders, as areas which offer substantial potential for retailers and suppliers of digital products.

The Connect Home Report 2006, released today by Connection Research Services (CRS) and, is an annual study of over 3,000 Australian households which surveys consumer attitudes towards, and their adoption of, connected technologies within the home.

Findings highlighted that only 18 per cent of Australian households have gaming consoles, only 25 per cent have DVD recorders and it also showed that less than 10 per cent of homes have connectivity involving televisions, hi-fi systems, video, lighting and security.

The CRS survey also uncovered that 90 per cent of respondents live in a household with one computer, while one-third own more than one. Additionally, 98 per cent of respondents surveyed own a mobile phone and 85 per cent rated them as ‘important’ or ‘highly important’.

DVD players were found to be virtually universal, while plasma, LCD or projection TVs are now in 20 per cent of homes.
Australia now has over three million broadband users and it seems that internet access in the home has grown, with 95 per cent rating email as ‘important’ or ‘highly important’

One-third of people are considering experimenting with VoIP this year.

According to CRS, the Connected Home Report researches where consumers/end-users mindshare is, and what their needs, wants and intentions are for the next 6 to 12 months.

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