Whirlpool to integrate with Maytag on 1 September

By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Whirlpool Australia has issued a statement to announce that the company will acquire all of Maytag’s business from 1 September, 2006.

“This announcement is related to the ongoing process of integrating the Whirlpool Australia Pty Ltd (Whirlpool) and Maytag (Australia) Pty Limited businesses,” said the statement distributed by Whirlpool’s general manager – finance, Sujata Baldeo Jeraj.

“In April 2006, Whirlpool announced the takeover of the management of the Maytag business.

“The Whirlpool business will now be acquiring all of Maytag’s business from 1 September 2006.

“Whirlpool is not acquiring the operating entity that currently conducts the Maytag business. Whirlpool will not be assuming the responsibility for the trading debts of Maytag as at 31 August, 2006.

“Whirlpool will assume responsibility for sales, service, call centre and supply chain function of Maytag from this date onwards,” the statement said.

According to the statement, from 1 September, all new purchase transactions relating the Maytag should be invoiced to Whirlpool and will be subject to Whirlpool terms and conditions.

Whirlpool has also announced that Maytag will pay all outstanding balances owed by Maytag at 31 August 2006 during the month of September.

“This is another step in the acquisition and integration of Maytag,” Whirlpool Australia general manager – sales, David Gibson

“This stage will merge a lot of the back of house including one live system and joint invoicing. From that time onwards it gets easier.

“Whirlpool Australia Pty Limited remains the ongoing trading entity and Maytag’s brand and stock transfers to Whirlpool.
Maytag will remain as a legal entity owned by Whirlpool Australia.

Gibson said the retailers have embraced the acquisition and have helped to create a smooth transition.

“This type of integration can pose problems, but this has been pretty easy to be honest,” he said.

Gibson expects two new staff members will join the business in New South Wales in coming weeks.

Gibson is also recruiting a senior territory manager in South Australia and will be appointing a new trade marketing coordinator to replace Marc Jarvis who was recently promoted to assistant product manager – laundry.

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